Stella Foster: Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, Editor
Ryan Jafarzadeh: Cinematography, Writer, Editor, 'Interviewer'
Hashim Sharaf: Cinematography, Editor, Website Design
Peter Yacono: Producer, Director, Sound, Website Design

Will Rogers: Ted Ursus (Bear)
Ben McKloskey: Leo Felidae (Lion)
Stella Foster: Nelly Loxodonta (Elephant)
Eric Hagger: Leo's new soccer friend
Kieran McGrath: Nelly's new camera buddy
Til Heggie: Ted's new uni friend
Zachary McSweeney: Guy in the toilet at the pub

Studley Park Boathouse - super location, lovely people.
Center Stage Costume Hire - SUPER costumes! lovely people!
The John Curtin Hotel - super pub, super location
Will Rogers - for sticking with us bud, driving us around!
Tony Yacono - for website hosting
Ann Yacono - for the use of the family car
The McKloskey Family - for the use of their lovely house
Angela Osborne - for the use of her lovely house and adapter!
Robert Cass - for putting up with us shooting in his living room!

'It's Like A Jungle Sometimes' is a 3rd Year Media Project @
RMIT University. Contact: [email protected]